"... is all the class synergies. Yep you heard it here, the class synergies are a problem with BC raiding. Why is this. You might ask, well it''s not overly obvious at first. On first glance it looks great, all these classes capable of buffing other members of the raid and all these synergies available through talent specs and whatnot. You have shadow priests benefiting all the casters with misery, the warlocks with shadow weaving, warlocks benefiting casters with curse of elements/shadows, curse of recklessness for the physical DPS classes. You have mages applying scorch debuffs to help out other fire mages or fire throwing warlocks, or frost mages helping out other frost mages. Feral druids'' Leader of the pack benefiting their group, hunters'' ferocious inspiration benefiting either melee or caster dps and being dependent on crit, so the druid LOTP buff helps them out, survival hunters helping out the entire raid''s phsyical dps classes and even the marksman hunter provides a fair to middlin buff to physical dps classes with their trueshot aura. You have DPS warriors being able to be debuff specialists with thunderclap, demo shout, and buffing their group with battle shout as well as helping out the other physical DPS classes with deep arms tree talents. You have the age-old sunders from the tank helping out physical DPS classes, warlocks'' imps helping out the tanks, shadow priests mana regen helping out mana dependent DPS classes as well as healers, you have shaman totems on both sides now, ret paladin debuffs, you have hemo rogues doing a similar debuff to arms warriors, the list goes on and on and on... there are a hundred different and really great raid synergies... and then you start looking into it a little deeper... You see that the DPS warrior doesn''t want to be arms spec because their personal DPS sucks compared to fury warriors''.

The rogue doesn''t want to be hemo specced because he feels that his DPS won''t be as good as another spec. The hunter doesn''t want to be survival specced because he feels that his personal DPS won''t be as good as another spec. The shaman doesn''t want to be resto specced because he feels his melee or caster buffs are better and he wants to be a sexy DPS class. The affliction lock doesn''t want to throw CoE/CoS/CoR because they get a crapload more DPS out of throwing CoAgony/CoDoom. The destruction ""crit bitch"" warlock doesn''t want to throw CoE/CoS/CoR because they feel like they''re already providing a buff with their hopefully constantly up imp. shadow bolt debuff and that they should get a damage curse in return. The shadow priest doesn''t want to be in the healer group and miss out on ferocious inspiration or shaman totems. You have a raid leader trying to fit all they can into a 25 man raid group... and having to make choices. How does the raid leader make those choices. wow gold Does the raid leader choose the most ""selfless"" folks to fill their limited raid slots. Does the raid leader pick the best performing DPS classes and not worry about those who might buff the raid. Does the raid leader force some folks to take ""bitch"" specs to buff the raid at the expense of their personal DPS. wow gold What will happen to those folks who take ""selfless"" specs when farm status occurs for the raid instance. Will they be left sitting while other higher DPS classes come through to clear it all faster. How do you make decisions about loot. world of warcraft gold Do you give it to the person with the highest DPS or the person with lower DPS but that provides the buffs that makes the highest DPS player have that DPS...

it''s all very messy and difficult. Classic old example from pre-BC days. wow gold There was a warlock in guild that was ""forced"" to take a ""bitch"" spec. Improved Imp, improved healthstones, maledition, the works... basically was forced to take ALL of the raid buffing talents at the expense of their own personal DPS. mp3 player Right after BC was released and raids were paring down to their 25 minimum folks from their previous 40, this person was told that their personal DPS had to improve or that their raid slot was in jeopardy... so... yeah... wow gold force them to ignore DPS enhancing talents so as to ""buff the raid"" and then tell them that their DPS isn''t good enough to come to the raid... "